Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals International

Certificate Verification Portal (CVP)

  • The Certificate Verification Portal (CVP) enables authorised users to confirm and verify the information of the Degree/Diploma Certificates of the students passed by CCJP.
  • Any and all data presented in the Certificate Verification Portal (CVP) is based on the online records of the CCJP.
  • This online service can be used by authorised companies, institutions, universities, employers, placement agencies, and other organisations if an appropriate and successful registration to the Certificate Verification Portal (CVP) is completed.
  • The information presented in the Certificate Verification Portal (CVP) is to be used in order to confirm and verify the Degree/Diploma Certificate or Provisional Certificate that is issued to students and then submitted by the relevant student for purposes of employment or admission to higher studies.

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Using the Certificate Verification Portal (CVP)

  • To register and log in to the Certificate Verification Portal (CVP), use an email as username and a preferred password (reusable at any given time) for your organisation.
  • After successful registration to the CVP, you will be emailed the username and password with an account activation link, which will allow you to access the CVP.
  • Click on the activation link in the mail to activate your OCVS account. Once your account is activated you can use the Online Certificate Verification Service.
  • Click on the emailed activation link in order to activate your approved CVP account and when your account is activated, you can use the CVP.
  • To check certificates and access other available information, log on with your username and password by entering the enrolment numbers printed on the relevant certificate and upload a scanned copy of the certificate.
  • Verification of the certificate will be sent via email within 3 working days.

Service Agreement

By registering and using the Certificate Verification Portal (CVP), you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement.

  • Any and all information provided to you should be used only for the legitimate purpose of verifying the degree/provisional certificate.
  • You agree that you or the company or institution you represent possesses a legal release from the subject of your inquiry.
  • You agree that you or the company or institution you represent will not use this information for any commercial purposes, including for purposes prohibited by law.
  • Any and all information herein is for internal use only within your company or institution that you are authorised to represent.
  • You certify and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless credentials from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses arising out of or related to any claims or actions brought against credentials as a result of any unauthorised, unlawful, or improper use of the information provided to you.
  • You agree that all information provided herein will be held in strict confidence.
  • Any and all information provided herein should not be reproduced, revealed, transmitted or made accessible in any manner to any other entity.

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